Hoggard Vikings Liftathon

Thursday July 1, 5:30 – 7:00

The Lift-A-Thon is a major fundraiser for the Hoggard Viking Football Program.  

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

Kathy Calvin

What is the Lift-a-Thon?

This is a great fundraising event to take care of many of the expenses we have over the season. The event consists of several weight lifting and speed/agility competitions that take place for Hoggard Football fans to see. This is an open event for all spectators and includes entertainment, Team Store/Apparel options, and pizza by the slice served by our hard-working football family.

Fundraising Goal

We have over 100 players signed up to play football.  If each player meets their $250 mark or more, we will more than achieve this goal.

How Does the Fundraising Work?

We ask each Hoggard football player and family to try and raise at least $250 in support. All donations will go directly to the Hoggard Football program and the upcoming season.


Donation Process

Paypal Donations

See the button below to donate directly through PayPal. Under “Add special instructions to the seller” please write “Hoggard Football and the Player’s Name”.

Venmo Donations

Donations to Venmo can be made to football through the Hoggard Booster Club at “Hoggard-ABC”. The logo is a blue and white Viking head. Be sure to note: “Football – Player Name”. 

Cash or Check Donations

Please make checks payable to “Hoggard Athletic Booster Club”, MEMO: “Football – Player Name”. 

If mailed please address to:

Attention: Coach Underwood
4305 Shipyard Blvd
Wilmington, NC 28403

On-Site Donations

Donations including credit card donations can accepted at the event.

All donations delivered to players will be turned in on the evening of the event.  Donations can be made by check, cash or credit card onsite the evening of the event. 

The Different Ways to Sponsor

  1. Donate a preferred amount to a player or the program.
  2. Sponsor a player in the Squat and Bench Press Competition.  Players will get as many reps as possible on their selected weight for the Parallel Squat (135, 185, 225, 315) and the Bench Press (95, 135, 185) depending on their age and weight. A donor can choose to donate an amount per rep – Example $10 per rep.  Athlete  Benches 185 for 7 Reps and Squats 315 for 10 reps, Donation = $170.

How Will the Money be Spent?

The expenses incurred by a high school football team exceed all other high school sports.  The money that we raise will be used to cover the following:

  • Equipment – The additional purchase of 10 new Speed Flex Helmets ($3500)
  • Film Upgrades/Maintenance – Hudl has raised its cost.  To keep the package we have with necessary film storage will now cost $4000.
  • Field Equipment – We are in need of new Goal Post Pads, Pylons, and Gameday Technology Equipment
  • Gameday Compression Shirts – As Deion Sanders used to say…”You look good…You feel good…You feel good…You play good!  We will purchase new gameday shirts to replace those that can no longer be used from last year and am hopeful to purchase a set for the JV.  ($3000).
  • Field House Chairs/Stools – Currently our team sits on the floor for position meetings and film sessions.  We would like to purchase folding chairs and a chair rack or individual multi-use stools per locker ($3000).
  • In-season expenses – Coach/Player cloth, meals, Senior Night, etc.  This will hopefully keep us from having to request an abundance of donations during the season.
  • Player Cloth – The more money we raise, the more gear we can put our team in…pocket shorts, T-Shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hats, bags, polo shirts are all things we would like to provide.

Player Fundraising Incentives

  • Base Goal = $250 Per Player – You will gain all of the team gear and equipment benefits of this fundraiser.
  • $300 = Nike Team T-Shirt
  • $400 = Nike Team T-Shirt & Hoggard Football Fitted Hat
  • $500+ = Nike Team T-Shirt, Hoggard Football Fitted Hat, Long Sleeve Team Shirt

Thank You for Your Donation

Thank you for considering donating to the annual Hoggard Vikings Lift-a-Thon. This event is an important fundraiser for the program to help pay for equipment, uniforms, transportation costs, game officials and everyday expenses.

Go Vikes!

Our Lift-a-Thon Sponsors

We couldn’t do what we do without the ongoing support from so many members of our community.  Below please find a list of both our corporate and individual sponsors. Whenever possible, please support the corporate sponsors who choose to support Hoggard Football.

Corporate Sponsors

List coming soon.

Individual Sponsors

List coming soon.

Ready to Join the Hoggard Football Family?

Some volunteer to give back, some volunteer to pay it forward, and some volunteer because they want to be part of an organization making a difference in the lives of so many.  Whatever your reason, we have a role that will fit what you are able to give.  

Join the Hoggard Football family today, we can’t wait to meet you!