Upcoming Events

Please refer to this page often for information about upcoming events, programs and camps. 

John T. Hoggard Athletic Booster Club

Annual Golf Tournament

Information to Follow


“My heart has a special place for this event as I feel like it is our best day of truly bringing the Hoggard Athletic community together for comradery and fun.  Football has always been the leader of the tournament.”

Coach Underwood


Please click the links below to download the form to become a gold tournament sponsor or the sign-up form to become a participant in the golf tournament.

Hoggard Football Fundraisers

The money raised will contribute to:

Player Gear: Varsity & JV Team Set of – Custom Gaiters, Cold Gear, Hoodies, Practice Sweats

Player Equipment: We are continuing to work to add more Riddell SpeedFlex Helmets & Schutt F7 Helmets

Technology: We are in need of a new IPad for our Hudl Sideline filming.  We are also transitioning our sideline communication to a signal system and need to add 2 additional PortaPhone Headsets to do so ($1200).  We hope to have SmartTV capabilities as many of our opponents do on the sideline for our players this year as well.  This will assist with in-game corrections and adjustments.

Team Needs: At this point, we do not know what our food restrictions are going to be for the season.  We will plan to feed the team on gameday to the extent that is allowed.  We typically provide a sub from Harris Teeter, Bread, Banana, and Gatorade mix as a pregame meal.  Expense for staff and team is typically between $300-$350 per game ($5 a person)

Weight Room Renovation: We are working to update the Weight Room with Power Racks, new bars, bumpers, dumbbells, and more.  This is a $70,000 project that we have raised close to $30,000 for at this point.   

Many of these fundraisers are ongoing, please click each link for more information.

Hoggard Ironman Program

Save the date!

The Hoggard Ironman Program is set to begin on June 15th.  All students must complete the online pre-participation process through PLANETHS before participation in athletics at Hoggard High School.

If you already have an account complete the current years form by visiting  PLANETHS.COM

To create an account use your smartphone and text S3168 to 69274 or visit PLANETHS.COM

Additional details to follow.

NCHSAA Dead Weeks

During the “Summer Dead Periods” no NCHSAA member school-sponsored activities may be organized or conducted by any NCSHAA coach or school staff member (whether full-time, part-time, or volunteer) that involve students at NCHSAA member schools.  The dead weeks for the summer of 2024 to be posted soon.

Ready to Join the Hoggard Football Family?

Some volunteer to give back, some volunteer to pay it forward, and some volunteer because they want to be part of an organization making a difference in the lives of so many.  Whatever your reason, we have a role that will fit what you are able to give.  

Join the Hoggard Football family today, we can’t wait to meet you!